Opaque watercolour paints

When I was searching for some artist tape in my cupboard I found an old box with opaque watercolour paints. I didn't know I had them actually. I had to try them out although this kind of paints reminds me of art lessons at school when I was a kid. I must say that that experience wasn't very encouraging! However I digress. In Germany this kind of paints is called "Deckfarben" which could be translated with "opaque watercolours". They are really cheap, and I was keen on trying out what could be done with them.
Well, of course they are not very richly pigmented, and I doubt whether they are lightfast or not. They are not so strong coloured as my acrylic inks or the watercolor inks. I used markers and coloured pencils to make the colours pop. It was fun painting with themm though!

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