Digital and traditional art

I did this lineart piece quite some time ago, and used it for colouring it in with copics. At the moment I am not so much into copics and markers but into painting with acrylic inks, and so I wondered whether I could use this piece for colouring with said inks. I did it, here is the result:

As you can see I only used a part of the lineart piece - the piece of watercolour paper I had was much smaller than the sheet with the lineart on. I also kind of simplified the lines. I am much better with a brush than when I was at the beginning of my painting adventures, but I am still not good enough to master tiny details.
However what I find interesting is the possibility to connect digital art and traditional art in one piece. I could even do a series with several colour combinations, thus learning more about which colours fit and which not. Very exciting!

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