Moving Greens

I thought about using another blogpost-title: "Moving Greens or the importance of White paint." I decided against it because it is too long, However all the greens you can see on the painting above have some white in them.
I only recently discovered the importance of adding white to paints - be it paints from the tube or paints out of the bottle. Schmincke has got a mixing cheat sheet on their website for AERO-Color acrylic inks, and almost every hue and shade has got white in it.
I remember my art lessons at school when we used white paint in order to paint snow - usually in wintertime before Christmas - or to paint pastel colours. Of course white paint can be used for such things, but that is far more you can do with this paint,
Of course you have to be careful not to use too much of it, especially when you add it with the eyedropper from the bottle onto an already existing paint on your palette. It takes some practice to get the relationship right - and I am practising, practising, practising....

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