The little blue Monster

The little blue monster - Neocolor II on watercolour paper
December 2015

I was looking for a subject which was simple to draw and allowed me to focus on experimenting with my neocolor II watersoluble wax crayons. I found this cute little monster guy.
I am still fascinated about the multiple ways you can use those Neocolor II crayons. You can use them dry on the paper and then wet them; you can collect the shavings in the wells of your palette, drop a bit of water on them and use them like paints out of a pan. You can take the pigments of the crayons with damp brush. 
I am often looking for tutorial videos on YouTube, and yes, you can find ones about the Neocolor IIs. But these videos are focussing on the use of them in mixed media art, especially art journals. What I am trying to do, however, is to use them like watercolours or gouache paints, and so I am trying to find my way.
I would be glad if you'd like to follow me in my experiments with them!

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