Strange Leaves

Like I said in my last blogpost I want to practice washes with my NeocolorII watersoluble wax crayons. This is something totally new to me - I like to apply my colours strong and vivid. On the other hand it is fascinating to see how thin the paint of the neocolorIIs can be, and how strong it still is even when you use it with much water. 

In this painting I used acrylic paper and not watercolour paper, and I've got the impression that paint can be moved very easily on this kind of paper. 

This is my last blogpost before Christmas. Here in Germany the 24th - Christmas Eve - is the day when families and friends unite and spend time together. Christmas Eve is followed by two holidays here (yes, we have the 26th as holiday as well). 

I'll be back after the hollidays. I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays wherever and however you'll be celebrating!

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