Preparations for the Group Show in July #1

This year again I will participate in the group show in Buckow (Markische Schweiz, near Berlin) in July. And I will participate with new paintings. Last year I didn't manage to hang new paintings due to the amount of work I had to cope with at the Berlin University of the Arts.
Due to the fact that I have been pretty creative during the last year I asked my friend Claudia to help me select a certain number of paintings. It was fun sitting there and going through all the stacks of paintings, and in the end, after quite a reasonable time, we managed to get a selection of paintings, some acrylic, some watermedia, and all very colourful!
Now I have to find frames for them (I already got some ideas), and to frame them. This is quite a challenge for me. I'm not very good with my hands. At least, this is what I think. My friend Claudia had framed my paintings two years ago, and she did it in such a quick time that I almost could not believe my eyes. However, things can be learnt, and there is enough time till the beginning of July.
However, time runs, and so the first thing I'll do is to set up a plan. I'll keep you posted about how things proceed!

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