Orange koifish

At the moment I am focussing on two things:
  1. I am still experimenting with mixing my colorex liquid watercolours. I know that many people recommend doing those colour charts with rectangles. I try to do my colour charts the other way: I am using my own drawings, trace them again and then colour it trying new mixes. Of course this is not as "scientifc" as doing those charts with rectangles, but I am having more fun doing it my way. In this case I used magenta mixed with mars orange mixed with sepia. 
  2. I am experimenting with changing my drawings a tiny bit. I trace my drawings and then change the shape of the fins, or the directions of the fins, or whatever comes to my mind. In this case I changed the shape of the left fin a bit. Then, when I am satisfied with the new drawing on my tracing paper, I put up my provisional light table and transfer the "new" drawing on my proper paper - in this case drawing cardboard.

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