A new Adventure: Acrylic ink

I have been wanting to try them for quite some time. But there's always been the thought: "You've got so many art materials, you don't need those acrylic inks!" So I focussed my curiosity on all the videos on YouTube. But when Easter was coming I decided to allow myself an Easter gift - four acrylic ink bottles from Lucas. I selected cyan, magenta, lemon yellow and black. They would give me the chance to mix quite a range of colours. I bought them and carried them home.

I don't know why but it took two days for me to open two of the bottles and try them out. I really had been afraid to do something terribly wrong with them. But then I overcame my angst and did the piece you can see above. It is a simple geometrical shape which provided me however with the opportunity to test those inks, especially the colour range you get when you add more water to them. I find it fascinating how many shades of blue I got out of one drop of cyan!

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