Blue Fairy

It's only colouring. Colouring is something frowned upon as not having anything to do with art, a thing for children, with no creativity needed whatsoever. 
Colouring on the other hand is considered to be a therapeutic activity, something to help in times of stress, a means of relaxation with a zen-like quality.
For me colouring a colouring page is something to practise my coloured pencils with. With this blue fairy I used almost all of my blue coloured pencils from ultramarine to delft blue to blueviolet to cobalt blue. There is an artist called Jody Bergsma who loves to paint in shades of blue and I admire her for her use of the various shades of blue. She knows her blues - and I want to know mine as well. So I look for a colouring page which interests me and focus on my colours.

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