Abstract colourful wheel

I found that lineart on pinterest and thought that I would like to try my watercolour pencils with them. Actually I have neglected that medium for quite some time (actually I didn't remember which colours I had - shame on me!). I tend to use my mediums not always in the way they are normally used - as it is the case here also. You are not to dip your pencils into the water - at least not as much as I did here. But as I mentioned before: I love those strong, bright, happy colours and I was downright happy when I applied the colours.
I used the rather famous and expensive Albrecht Dürer pencils together with the not so expensive watercolour pencils from Koh-i-Noor which is a Czech company. I cannot see the difference - and I bet you cannot, too. They can be bought in open stock here in Germany, and if the weather were not so bad as it was when I did the painting I would have gone straight off buying additonal pencils.

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