Ring of Stones - Digital

It has been a long time ago since I did a digital painting. However, I have subscribed to a lot of channels which do digital art, and just a few days ago I actually watched one of these videos. I not only watched more than one but also felt the urge to do something digital myself.

As I didn't want to begin from scratch I had a look at one of my scanned paintings and thought "why not try to enhance that painting digitalloy?" And I did. Doing this I learnt two things:

  1. Digital art takes at least the same time as traditional art - if not even more. It is important to give onself time to experiment and play. 
  2. Look for your lightest lights and your darkest darks - something that is important for traditional art - but also for digital art. And the advantage of a digital painting is that you can darken your paintings without having to fear to darken them too much - if that is the case just go over the spots again. 

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